Dick Tax

Dick tax, penis tax, whatever you want to call it – it’s all about that pathetic thing dangling between your legs. It doesn’t matter what you think of it, it’s what I think that matters. And that’s where My measure below comes in – the smaller and more useless you are, the higher the tax. But no-on gets away from paying – yes, even you guys coping with larger cocks can’t impress Me.

So, tape measures or micrometers out, and do your best. No, don’t be silly – you don’t round it up. Always trying to make it bigger than it really is, aren’t you? Look up the tax and send it by any of My payment methods with an explanation of how pathetic your cock is.

Dick Tax

Wheel Spin Games

Don’t know how much to send? Want to leave it all to chance?

Then pick a wheel (one for those finsubs new to wheel spinners, and one for the whalesubs who know the thrill that lies in bigger numbers), give it a spin and send what it shows.

Finsub Wheel

Whalesub Wheel


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